Letter: Says mayor, law director 'wasted time and resources' in court fight

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Letters to the editor

So how does the Mayor of Stow and Law Director end up at the Supreme Court?

Mayor John Pribonic is so focused on his personal agenda and getting rid of term limits so he can run again, he stacked the Charter Review Commission with mostly political allies. The one leading the charge, John Baranek as the chairman, who recently lost his job as Finance Director maybe as a result of term limits and now possibly a score to settle. This resulted in recommended changes that mostly benefited elected officials and limited the ability of the average resident to influence change. The council made the right decision to vote these down.

Council didn't fulfill their obligation as part of a check and balance and approve appointees that would represent a cross section of the people of Stow and put forth changes that helped the residents, not increase the power of city officials. 

A law director advising the charter commission who owes her job and allegiance to the mayor and Democratic Party who either didn't know the City Charter and the Ohio Constitution or chose to ignore it for political gain. Not sure which one is worse. How can she continue to serve after violating the people’s trust to be impartial?

The mayor and law director wasted time and resources ending in a humiliating defeat at the Ohio Supreme Court, while business owners struggle, the roads in Stow are not getting paved, stormwater projects are delayed or shelved and the average citizen in Stow is ignored.

Brian Lowdermilk, Stow