Letter: Says president had 'vital information' on COVID-19

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Letters to the editor

Like many Ohioans, as the Covid-19 virus threatened health and livelihoods, I became a daily listener to Gov. DeWine's daily briefings. I became a cheerleader for his and Dr. Amy Acton's science based decisions and guidance as the pandemic threatened our families and ravaged our way of life.

I rallied as a kind of foot soldier, sewing masks, searching for elastic when there were inevitable shortages. I felt relief when the governor announced that, to deal with PPE shortages, an Ohio company had discovered a way to cleanse and purify used masks that hospitals would otherwise have to destroy. Indeed, the medical profession was dealing with supply shortages on all levels and Ohio was left to struggle to fill those shortages.

Since news of the forthcoming Bob Woodward book, "Rage", I look back on those months of struggle and uncertainty with, yes, rage. Why wasn't our president leading in the struggle to prepare the country.

It wasn't just that he knew early, but the country needed so much from him, before it even became a pandemic. He had vital information. We needed resources to be built up, preparing us for the inevitable surge that would overcome our front- line workers and hospitals. We didn't need his "calm", we needed leadership and action.

Now, we are left with a crippled economy, horrific losses of loved ones, and financial insecurity. We will struggle to recover for a very, very long time. Does anyone feel "calm"?

Donah Gehlert, Cuyahoga Falls