Urges vote against renewal levies to oppose Woodridge land buy

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Letters to the editor

I recently learned the Woodridge Board of Education is going to purchase 2.6 acres for $190,000. Tom Morehouse was quoted as saying the district is “short on green space.”  He stated that this will not cost the tax payers any more. Let’s be clear the tax payers are paying for this; no one else.

Check your tax bill, the Woodridge School district is over 65% of your real estate taxes. Is the Woodridge District asking for any taxes in November -- yes. It's asking for a renewal tax. The Board should not ask for this renewal or the next they are going to ask for next year.

In these stressful time of political turmoil, pandemic stress and financial hardships, it’s time for this board to pull back from spending money. As a retired individual on a fixed income I ask everyone in the Woodridge School District to vote "no" on any tax request from the board. I also say they have not given a good reason to spend $190,000 on this land.

They will not become fiscal responsible unless they are forced to. Residents should vote "no" to Woodridge School District taxes and voice opposition to this land purchase.

John Wack, Cuyahoga Falls