Letter: Encourages support for citizens' group

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Letter to the editor

My family moved to Hudson 19 years ago because we admired the charm of the city, the friendliness of the residents and the stellar school system.

We also appreciated the positive discourse at Council meetings - noticing that while residents and Council members could disagree on issues, they always reached a consensus without rancor or name-calling.

Unfortunately, that has changed. I have seen "us-vs-them” battles over numerous city issues - some that have derailed plans and led to misinformation.

I am not sure that the current situation is due to the ability of being able to post opinions quickly on social media or people joining with others who share their ideals without taking time to listen to all views.

That is why I am pleased to support Hudson Forward Together, a new non-partisan group that supports honest, transparent and civil discourse and strives to acknowledge city accomplishments and improve the quality of life in Hudson.

I hope others check out this group at HudsonForwardTogether.org.

Danielle Hunt, Hudson