Letter: Calls column on postal service 'twisted and false'

Kent Weeklies

The Aug. 23 commentary, "Postal Service ‘conspiracy theory’ an attempt to scare voters," presents a twisted and false story regarding the dismantling of our postal service by the White House. It is surprising that any mainstream publication would permit his kind of “conspiracy pandering” to be printed.

The author chose to ignore information published by his own employer, CNN, in their Aug. 13 article titled “Donald Trump Just Straight-up Admitted He Is Working to Meddle in the Election”, in which Trump boldly revealed that he was playing a role in undermining the ability of voters to cast ballots and for a fair and legal election process to take place.

President Trump continues to promote false claims that voting by mail is rife with fraud. Numerous findings from bipartisan studies, including a 5-year study commissioned by George W. Bush, show that election fraud has been nominal or non-existent.

After illegally advising voters to vote more than once, perhaps Trumps’ dream of a corrupt election process will come true.

We should never forget that the U.S. Postal Service provides an essential service that is critical to all Americans for the delivery of medicine, paychecks, bills, tax refunds and, yes, absentee ballots. If the USPS needs funding,raise stamp prices or supply sufficient federal funding, it’s that simple.

Trump’s anti-American behavior is what one would expect of dictators in third-world countries. The last thing we all need right now is to have America’s essential services and its democratic foundations dismantled for Trumps’ personal gain.

We have a chance this November to truly drain the swamp of this unhinged megalomaniac and the mobsters who aid and abet him by replacing them with those who have ethics and a proven history of serving America rather than themselves.

Dean Smith, Cuyahoga Falls