Letter: Asks whether the city should 'police the public's thoughts'

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Letters to the Editor

Having previously written about the Hudson City Council’s involvement with the local organization and school district to promote “discussions” on “racism” through the eyes of the author of the book “White Fragility”, I was a bit confused by some of the responses of the council.

An article on use of the city logo stated that all councilors agreed that the city should be “involved” with “discussions” about “racism”. My question is, should the city be involved in discussions on Christianity? Because being “racist” is not an activity, it is a belief. Would the city take up a resolution about abortion or gender reassignment or what “marriage” is? In other words, is it the city’s role to police the public's thoughts?

Nationally over the last decade government has begun to support the “religion” of the progressives in politics. And these “discussion” focus on “re-educating” the public to “believe” as this group does. And if you fail to accept their “nudging’s”, any number of retributions can be expected, particularly in sphere of public education where children become easy targets.

Moreover, it was obvious that the city manager colluded with the Ward 1 councilwoman to allow for the use of the city’s logo without informing the others. I am pretty sure that the manager’s code of ethics prohibits her from using her position of authority for such “political” expropriations.

I believe both the Ward 1 councilwoman and the city manager should be asked to resign. They have overstepped their authority and wasted taxpayers’ resources to support their beliefs as well as profit personally.

We the People of Hudson can think for ourselves and truly do not need to be “re-educated” by political partisans about what our personal beliefs should be. Leadership should stay in its lane and fix the problems that plague the administration of our city.

Bob Medcalf, Hudson