Letter: Says community needs 'more civility and positivity'

Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

We have lived in Hudson for 34 years and have seen this city develop and grow into the great place it is today. The changes over time have been achieved through community involvement, spirited debate, and effective leadership by our elected and appointed City officials.

However, now we see our elected officials being attacked in “The Hudson Files”, a website produced by an anonymous group whose real agenda is unknown. The content of this website has lead to confusion, distrust, and deeper division in our community.

We applaud Joe Creehan and Jan Gusich for founding and leading a non-partisan organization called Hudson Forward Together to highlight achievements of City leadership, support smart growth, engage more residents in civil discourse, and fact-check the messages of the Hudson Files.

Hudson Forward Together wants to respond to the growing negative discourse toward our City officials and growth initiatives, like downtown development. Our community needs a group that will bring more civility and positivity to the debate on issues that divide us.

Today, our country is deeply divided. This division has created distrust, disrespect, and uncivil debate among citizens throughout our nation. Let’s not bring these traits of our nation’s division into our Hudson community. To that end, we support Hudson Forward Together and its efforts to promote truthfulness, respectfulness, and civility in our debates on issues and conduct toward our City officials.

To become a better informed citizen and learn more about Hudson Forward Together, please visit their website, www.HudsonForwardTogether.org.

Bill and Nellie Booth, Hudson