Wants to see 'sanity in our town government'

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Letters to the editor

nAfter spending time recently reading negative comments about Bill Wooldredge, I discovered hudsonforwardtogether on Facebook. The group is a non-partisan, non-profit group of those residents who not only think positively, but when there is controversy stand behind and support our seasoned leaders.

Very few people in our wonderful town have served with the energy and dedication which Bill has unselfishly given, ans so we in this group beg to say to our mayor and other naysayers, stop the reputation bashing and go about the business of governing sanely.

Mr. Mayor, you are not a four-star general.

A rock-ribbed tradition in Hudson is that our leaders are non-political and treat one another with civility. I plead with our leaders to remember that the city council legislates thoughtful, but when differences arise, discuss them openly and without all the rancor we have recently witnessed.

Our town is not perfect, but most of us believe it is unique and must stay that way.

Please consider joining those of us who want and deserve sanity in our town government.

Paul Mougey, Hudson