Disputes allegation of media 'demagoguery'

Kent Weeklies

A letter in the Aug. 30 Hudson Hub-Times, ("Says media ‘demagoguery’ is harming the nation,") claims without evidence "the recent violent destructive protests ... have been celebrated by the media." I have seen no example of this.

Legitimate media outlets have rightly distinguished between the majority of peaceful protestors and the minority extremists and criminals who have initiated violence. As we saw this week in Kenosha and Portland, the violence is just as likely to be instigated by armed right-wing militia as by those seeking justice for police killings.

The real disinformation is coming not from the media, but from the Trump campaign and the president himself. He refers to the Black Lives Matter movement as "thugs." The RNC featured countless references to "anarchists," the "left-wing mob," and "us and them." Apparently, if you didn't vote for Trump, you are the enemy. He even called the press "enemy of the people."

Since the Republicans didn't even bother to present a party platform, apparently their plan is more chaos, more division, fan the flames (no matter the cost to the country), and call Trump the "law and order" guy.

The free and fair press that was essential to the founding of our democracy is just as essential now. Like it or not, free and fair media is our best hope for holding politicians accountable. If you don't like the reality you see in the news, then work to make positive change. But don't blame the media for holding up a mirror.

Michael Shoffstall, Hudson