Watch Akron police body camera videos of Charles Hicks' arrest, snow shoved in his face

Akron Beacon Journal

The Akron Police Department released 11 body camera videos Thursday of the Feb. 7 arrest of Charles Hicks during a domestic violence call. 

Over the course of 15 seconds, former officer John Turnure shoved snow into Charles Hicks’ face three separate times. When he finally caught his breath, he told officers “Yes sir. I can’t breathe.”

The Akron Beacon Journal requested the videos last week after learning of Turnure's resignation. The city declined to release them until Thursday one day after Hicks claimed Turnure put a knee on his neck, that he felt a hand push his face down, and that he felt snow being pushed down his nose and throat. Hicks was not injured except for bleeding related to handcuffs.

Here's what the videos show. Police showed clips from two of the 11 on Thursday.

Video of Hicks on porch, takedown, Hick's head during struggle

Video overview of scene shown during press conference

Additional footage of what took place during arrest of Charles Hicks