Stow-Munroe Falls police reports

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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —


Man sleeping in car: Police said that when they responded to a report of a man sleeping in his car in a Munroe Falls Avenue parking lot at about 4:20 a.m. July 24, the man said that after he left a friend’s house, he had been too tired to drive and pulled over. Police told the man he could not sleep in the parking lot and he left.

Boy seen walking: Police said that after they responded to a report of an approximately 8-year-old boy walking south along South Main Street near South River Road at about 4:20 a.m. July 19, they searched the area, but were unable to find any children.

Woman reports suspicious call: A Richard Drive woman reported July 17 that she had been receiving suspicious phone calls from someone claiming that she had won money and would receive the prize if she paid the taxes on it. Police said they told the woman to hang up if the person called again.

— Stow —


Man seen waving gun: A 26-year-old Akron man was charged with misdemeanor menacing and driving under suspension after several people reported the man was driving around the parking lot of a store in Kent Road’s 4200 block waving what appeared to be a 9mm handgun during the afternoon July 10. Police said the weapon turned out to be a BB gun. The man was given a Stow Municipal Court date and released on a personal bond.

Criminal damaging

Tires slashed outside business: An Akron woman reported someone slashed three of her vehicle’s tires while the vehicle was parked outside her place of employment in Kent Road’s 4300 block during the morning July 10. Police said the cost of replacing the tires came to nearly $200.

Criminal mischief

Weather stripping tampered with: A woman reported discovering July 9 that someone tampered with the weather stripping at the bottom of her garage door by pushing or smashing it ip into the door, possibly in an attempt at opening the door, in Crockett Circle’s 2300 block since the evening before. The woman also said she found the door of a keypad on the garage was open. She said she was uncertain whether she left it open, but she is usually careful about closing it.


Catalytic converter stolen: A man reported July 8 that someone stole his vehicle’s catalytic converter of unspecified value while the vehicle was parked outside his home in Fishcreek Road’s 4400 block since the day before.

Fraudulent transactions: A Cox Drive woman reported July 8 that someone hacked an account she has with an auction website and placed four orders totaling nearly $1,900 to be shipped to a California address. The woman said two orders totaling nearly $1,100 went through and were charged to her bank account, but the items were not shipped. The woman said she was able to stop the other two orders from being completed. Police said the bank and the website were both investigating, with the bank expected to refund the woman her money and the website expected to provide a refund to the bank.

Banners and sign stolen: A man reported July 8 that someone stole two political banners and a political sign of unspecified values from outside his home since the day before.