Aurora Police Reports


Crime reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive.

- Police responded to Nautilus Trail on June 17 for a report of a woman at a residence who had a persona non grata order against her after previous domestic and trespass incidents. Police said, “she knowingly engaged in a pattern to cause distress to the victim.” The woman was arrested and charged with menacing by stalking, then taken to the Portage County jail.

- Aurora police responded to Moneta Avenue on June 17 for a civil matter between parents and their adult son, who was told not to return to the residence unless he sets up a time with his mother.

- A North Aurora Road resident spoke with an officer on June 17 saying someone stole $18,000 from her checking accounts after she sent $1,000 to claim a grand prize. The bank closed her accounts and a fraud case was opened.

- A Club Drive man told police he was notified that an unknown person tried to open a brokerage account in his name but was not successful. A report was made.

- Police provided Narcan to an East Boulevard man on June 20. Charges are pending depending on test results of evidence found.

- Police went to a South Chillicothe Road store on June 20 for a report a man stole about $1,000 worth of clothes. Police could not locate the unknown suspect but a report was completed.

- Police went to a South Chillicothe Road store on June 21 for a report of an unknown suspect leaving the store with between $500 and $700 worth of merchandise. The man was unable to be found. A police report was made.

- Police went to Buckingham for a report of a damaged garage. A Canton man told police he was a maintenance man and was responsible for the damage, as they needed to get into the garage and the door was damaged. Maintenance will be fixing the door.

- A Chatham Drive woman reported $200 in fraudulent charges to her credit card. A bank was notified and a police report was made.