Stow-Munroe Fall police reports

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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —


People waiting for a ride: Police said that after they responded to a report of two people sitting at the South Main Street entrance to Steeplechase Lane at around 11:30 p.m. June 19, they found the male and female were waiting for a ride and there was no cause for concern.

Children heard screaming: Police said they responded to a report of children screaming in the area of Gaylord Drive and Carlyon Road at a little before 8 p.m. June 12 and spoke to several residents, who said they had been outside their homes and did not hear anything.

Man sitting in road: Police said they went to North Main Street at the city’s limits after receiving a report of a man sitting crosslegged in the road at a little after midnight June 11, but they did not find anyone.

Motorcyclist popping wheelies: Police said they responded to a report of a motorcyclist doing wheelies on North River Road at the city’s limits with Stow, but the motorcyclist was gone.

Fireworks complaint

Fireworks reported in residential area: Police said they investigated a report of someone setting off fireworks in the area of Oakhurst and Hiwood drives at around 9:25 p.m. June 14, but were unable to find anyone doing so.

— Stow —

Aggravated menacing

Woman reported threat: Police said they charged a 55-year-old Idaho man with first-degree misdemeanor aggravated menacing after a Stow woman reported June 14 that he called and threatened her with physical assault. A warrant was issued for the man’s arrest.


Catalytic converters stolen: Two Stow residents reported June 11 that someone stole their vehicles’ catalytic converters of unspecified values while they were parked outside their homes during the night.

A man reported his vehicle’s catalytic converter was taken in Liberty Road’s 2200 block. A woman reported her vehicle’s catalytic converter was taken in Waterford Circle’s 4600 block.

Money taken from account: The owner of a Darrow Road business reported discovering June 9 that someone withdrew approximately $9,870 from a business bank account the day before. The man also said someone made two deposits totaling less than $1 into the account five days earlier. The owner said the bank requested he file a police report.


Account fraudulently opened: A Park Vista Court man reported discovering June 11 that someone used his personal information to open a cellphone account seven years ago and $55 was owed on the account. The man said the phone company requested that he file a police report so that the account could be closed.

Orbit change claimed: A Klein Avenue woman reported June 10 that a man claiming to work for a television cable company called her and claimed that a change in the orbit would affect all television sets and receivers and she would need to purchase a special receiver to continue getting television service. A police report did not clarify what orbit the man was talking about. The man said his supervisor would call with more information and he hung up. The woman said she believes she missed a call after that and then the same male called again. He told her the receiver normally costs $400, but she could have it for as little as $169 if she mailed a check to a Maryland post office box within 30 minutes. The woman said she hung up and did not send any money or provide any personal information.

Pizzas delivered to home: An Englewood man reported June 10 that twice that day, someone using an unknown account with a pizza restaurant chain ordered pizzas and had them delivered to his home. The man said this had happened before and he contacted the restaurant sending the pizzas.

Woman reports scam: A Lakeview Boulevard woman reported June 9 that someone called her claiming that she owed $299 to a subscription service. The woman said she did not pay any money or give the person any personal information.