Northfield Center police reports

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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Northfield Center —

Animal report

Dog left in vehicle: The sheriff’s office said that after a deputy responded to a report of a dog left alone in a vehicle parked outside a Golden Link Boulevard store during the early afternoon June 9, the deputy found the vehicle windows were cracked open, the vehicle was parked in the shade and the dog seemed OK. When the dog’s owner returned to the vehicle, the deputy warned her of the dangers of leaving a dog in a vehicle on a warm day and she left the area.


Man yelled at woman: A Sagamore Hills woman reported that while she was driving through a Golden Link Boulevard parking lot during the early afternoon June 5, an unidentified man cut her off by pulling his vehicle in front of hers and then he yelled at her. The woman said she reversed her vehicle and then called 911. A sheriff’s deputy said he searched the area, but was unable to find the man or his vehicle.


Chairs tipped over: An Olde Eight Road man reported someone tipped over two lawn chairs in his yard and a third one in his driveway against his car during the late afternoon June 3. The sheriff’s office said there were no known suspects and the man wanted to document the incident.