Cuyahoga Falls police reports

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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Cuyahoga Falls —


Excavator bucket stolen: An Akron construction company employee reported May 27 that someone stole an approximately $2,000 unsecured excavator bucket from a construction site in the area of State and Bailey roads since the evening before.

Tools stolen from trailer: A contractor reported May 26 that someone stole tools totaling approximately $2,650 from an unlocked trailer while it was parked at a Front Street job site since the day before.

Items taken from vehicles: Residents in the same residential area reported May 26 that someone stole items and money from a total of six vehicles, locked and unlocked, while they were parked outside their homes during the night.

A School Avenue woman reported someone stole items totaling about $665 in value from two unlocked vehicles. A Germaine Street man lost items totaling an estimated $250 in value, and a Myrtle Avenue woman reported about $22 worth of things were missing from their unlocked vehicles. An East Broadway woman reported someone took cigarettes, a lighter and an ashtray and an East Broadway man reported someone took about $3 in change from their locked vehicles. Police said the method of entry into the locked vehicles is unknown.

Woman reports incidents: A Barnes Avenue woman reported May 23 that she had been the victim of a series of theft and criminal damaging incidents going back as far as late March. The woman said someone damaged the lock on a storage container outside her home by trying to pick it during the previous few days and an approximately $20 rock with a yellow ribbon painted on it was stolen from the end of her driveway between May 3 and 9. The woman also said that on April 20 or 21, someone cut and stole tulips from her front flower bed and in late March or early April, someone stole a leaf blower of unspecified value from her unlocked shed. Police said there were no leads.

Packages stolen: Two women reported someone stole packages after they were delivered outside their homes May 22. An Americana Drive woman reported someone stole a package containing an approximately $290 cell phone and a Prange Drive woman reported someone took a package containing an approximately $100 pair of shoes.

Breaking and entering

Doors and coin machine damaged: A manager at an Americana Drive apartment complex reported May 27 that someone pried open a laundry room door and a maintenance room door in order to attempt breaking into a laundry coin machine during the previous few days. Police said damage to the doors and machine was estimated at $600.

Obstructing official business

Brother’s identity used: Police said May 27 that they charged an Akron man, 34, with misdemeanor obstructing official business after they determined that during a May 24 traffic stop for speeding, the man identified himself as his own brother, allegedly to avoid a driving under suspension charge. An arrest warrant was issued for the man. His brother declined to press a felony identity theft charge, said police.

Criminal damaging

Vehicle scratched: A Sackett Avenue man reported May 26 that someone unknown caused approximately $2,500 in damage to his vehicle by scratching its side while it was parked outside his home during the night.

Pellet damage reported: A Kent woman reported May 24 that someone fired two pellets into her vehicle, shattering a side window and leaving a dent, while the vehicle was parked outside an Eighth Street home during the night. A Grant Avenue man reported, also on May 24, that someone fired a pellet that shattered one of his apartment’s windows during the night. Police reports did not include damage estimates. Police said that they had received several reports of vehicles and homes being damaged by pellets in the area in May.


Bills found in vehicle: Police said they charged a 19-year-old Reminderville man with fourth-degree felony counterfeiting after they clocked his vehicle’s speed at 77 mph in a 55 mph zone and stopped him on Route 8 northbound at about 1:35 a.m. May 26. Police said they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and found $1,800 in counterfeit $100 bills in the vehicle. The man was taken to Cuyahoga Falls City Jail.

Identity fraud

Phone fraudulently purchased: An Americana Drive man reported May 26 that someone used his personal information to purchase an approximately $1,250 cell phone. The man said the phone’s provider is refunding the money to him.

Inducing panic

Man and woman chased: Police said they charged a Cuyahoga Falls woman, 24, with Inducing panic and two counts of aggravated menacing, all first-degree misdemeanors, and fourth-degree misdemeanor domestic violence, after a man reported that the woman chased him and another woman while carrying a shotgun down a hallway of the apartment building they all live in during the early evening May 25. Police said they determined the gun was unloaded. The woman was taken to Cuyahoga Falls City Jail.