Woodridge High School will have more classroom space

District also buys land to create practice field, play area

Phil Keren
Kent Weeklies
The Woodridge Local School District purchased this modular classroom unit from Seton Catholic School. The structure will be set up at Woodridge High School this fall and will provide four more classrooms.

CUYAHOGA FALLS — Some more classroom space is being added at Woodridge High School.

The Woodridge Board of Education recently approved spending $173,400 to purchase a modular unit with four classrooms from Modular Classrooms LLC. The unit was set up at Seton Catholic School in Hudson this past school year.

The unit will be installed in the corner of the parking lot where the field house meets the high school building, according to Walter Davis, district superintendent.

"When you enter the structure, there is a hallway down the middle, with two classrooms on either side," Davis said. "It's in exceptional shape."

He added the structure will be delivered to the high school during the summer and will be used starting in the fall.

Davis said the administration has been looking for ways to add more classroom space at the high school. He observed that the high school could not have all-in classes during the second semester because there was not enough space available to provide 3-foot distancing for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

District buys property

The board of education also agreed to buy land that will be used to create practice fields and play areas next to the elementary school.

The district will expend $120,000 to buy land at 4374 State Road from Amber Greene. A property that is next door to Greene's site was also recently purchased by the district, Davis said.

"Our plan is to demolish both of the houses, level the land and create practice fields/ play space for student and community use," Davis said. "As it is right next to the elementary school, we anticipate the elementary [school] using it regularly."

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