Election 2021 Note

Staff report

Clerk candidate accepting cryptocurrency donations

Mike Rasor, the Republcan candidate for Stow Municipal Court clerk, has announced that his campaign will accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations; he said he believes he is the first local candidate in the United States to do so.

“I’m a tech-savvy person, and I believe in the power of blockchain technology,” said Rasor. “We opened up the crypto donations so that like-minded people can support us.”

Donations can be made at mikerasor.com/crypto.

To say “thank you,” the campaign will mint a non-fungible token (NFT) for any donors who give at least one-tenth of a Bitcoin (0.1 BTC) or 1 Ethereum coin (1 ETH). NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that represent real-world art, photographs, or music. 

These will be the first-ever NFTs minted by a political campaign, he said.