Two-part series on racial justice offered in June

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REAL TALK invites the public to a two-part Racial Justice series, "Is Justice Truly Blind? Examining the Courts for Racial Equity: From Arraignment to Reentry," on Wednesday, June 2 and 9, at 7 p.m.

This series examines how race, poverty, structural racism, and racialized bias impact the judicial process and outcomes for people of color from bail to sentencing to reentry. The program features Northeast Ohio judicial leaders, support agencies, and formerly incarcerated Ohioans who are actively addressing racial disparities, reforming the criminal justice system, and rebuilding communities.

Hosted by REAL TALK, the series is in partnership with WKSU, The University of Akron School of Law, and The Freedom BLOC.

PART 1: Wednesday, June 2 - "Navigating the System: Arraignment Thru Sentencing," moderated by M.L. Schultze, Social Justice Reporter, WKSU and features Brant Lee, professor of law, assistant dean of Diversity & Social Justice Initiatives, University of Akron School of Law; The Honorable Ronald Adrine, retired Cleveland Municipal Court Judge; The Honorable Cassandra Collier-Williams, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge; The Honorable David Hamilton, Akron Municipal Court Judge; Tania Nemer, Summit County Community Outreach prosecutor; and Cullen Sweeney, Cuyahoga County Chief Public Defender.

Each will explain how defendants navigate the complicated judicial process and what impact race, income, and bias have on each stage of the process: initial charges, bail, pretrial, plea bargaining, trial, conviction, and sentencing. They will address the fraught cash bail system, mandatory sentencing, punitive excess, and cultural representation in the courts and explain their use of diversion programs, alternative sentences, and restorative justice practices to comprehensively restore and rehabilitate Ohioans and stem racialized mass incarceration.

PART 2: Wednesday, June 9 - "Picking Up the Pieces: 'Collateral Consequences' & Reentry," moderated by Foluke Omosun, peporter, WKSUand features Maria Smith, supervising attorney, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland; Michael Randle, executive vice president, operations, Oriana House Inc; Perry Clark, founder and president, Truly Reaching You Inc. (TRY); The Rev. Raymond Greene, executive director, The Freedom BLOC; Robin Turner, criminal justice organizer, Ohio Organizing Collaborative; and Walter Mathis, community organizer, Akron Organizing Collaborative.

The panel will explain the barriers to rebuilding a life after the courts with thousands of legal Collateral Consequences and Sanctions restricting access to housing, employment, healthcare, education, and voting. They will offer solutions for bail, sentencing, and reentry reform; and share their own legal support services, mental health & addiction services, training and employment placement, education programs, community re-investment initiatives, and policy reform efforts.

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