Tallmadge Foundation underwrites Touch of Art in the Park contest to benefit Tallmadge Lions Park

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Pictured from left are: Emily Rotunda (student), Jessica Simons (Parks & Recreation Superintendent), Rebecca Allman (Tallmadge Foundation President), Mayor David Kline, Madelyn Arnold (student), Reagyn Mangano (student) and Klair Heestand. Aviana Miller was absent.

On May 11, the Tallmadge High School PTSA unveiled four winning designs by four Tallmadge High School students from a contest run by THS PTSA, underwritten by the Tallmadge Foundation and in cooperation with the city of Tallmadge.

Klair Heestand, Art Contest chair for the PTSA, was granted $1,525 to support the Touch of Art in the Park contest through a grant from the Tallmadge Foundation in October 2019. The unveiling was to be in spring 2020, but with COVID-19 concerns, it was delayed. A year later Reagyn Mangano, Emily Rotunda, Aviana Miller, and Madelyn Arnold’s designs were unveiled on the trash can wraps.

These four trash can wraps are the winners in the Touch of Art in the Park contest. They can be seen in Lions Park.
Reagyn Mangano designed this winning trash can wrap.
This winning design for a trash can wrap was created by Madelyn Arnold.
Aviana Miller designed this trash can wrap.
This trash can wrap was designed by Emily Rotunda.

Heestand explains the contest will help fill the gap that was created by cuts to art classes or unavailability in high school students’ schedules to take art classes. The PTSA worked with the Parks and Recreation Department to install the art project in Lions Park. The city, school and PTSA helped judge the submissions and picked the 4 winning designs to go on trash cans. The program gives THS students the opportunity to positively affect the city of Tallmadge, bring art to share with the community young and old and at the same time the chance to show their talent.

Tallmadge Foundation president Rebecca Allman said she “hopes that this is only the beginning of this program. The Foundation is proud to sponsor the contest.”

Each student spoke and explained their inspiration. Reagyn Mangano chose a large sunshine to share that feeling of brightness and happiness during your visit in the park. Madelyn Arnold selected dogs as she felt the most fun part of being at Lions Park is to see all the dogs. Emily Rotunda used a message of small steps. She said, “Everyone can succeed to take the smallest steps in picking up trash will make the park beautiful.”

The Tallmadge Foundation promotes and supports the arts, education and recreational and cultural enrichment. An allocations committee recommends grants for approval by the Foundation’s Executive Board. The Foundation has four grant cycles with due dates on the 15th of January, April, July and October. For more information visit www.tallmadge-foundation.org.