LWV continues workshop series on climate

Kent Weeklies

On April 22, the League of Women Voters of Hudson (LWVH) continued its workshop series on Climate Change Realities in Hudson. Concerned citizens and League members formed working groups to analyze and select priority issues in two key areas: energy (a major cause of the climate crisis) and water/environmental health (adversely impacted by the climate crisis). The groups will be studying these priority issues to identify the causes, effects, costs, stakeholders, and options for addressing each issue in Hudson and will then present their findings and recommendations to the public and the city.

The working groups are open to any interested citizen, and participants are welcome to join at any point, even if they haven’t attended previous workshops. Made up of local citizens with diverse skills and interests who are passionate about the environment, the working groups advocate for local community action to head off the worst effects of the climate crisis. Planning for sustainability is critical not only for creating a healthy and safe planet for future generations and all of Earth’s creatures, but also for reducing the economic cost of adapting to and mitigating the climate crisis.

The next working group session is scheduled for Thursday, May 20, at 7 p.m. (this will be a virtual meeting.) The discussions are lively and informative, and there is real work to be done; anyone who did not attend on April 22 but who would like to participate on May 20, can email climate@lwvhudsonoh.org to sign up. Questions about the workshop series can be directed to climate@lwvhudsonoh.org.

For more information on League positions on the environment, voting rights, and other issues, see the League of Women Voters of Hudson website: http://lwvhudsonoh.org/.