Drug Safe Hudson services resume May 15

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Relink.org is proud to partner with Hudson Community First, Cover 2 Resources, and Drug Safe Hudson (DSH) to offer a way for Hudson area residents to search for addiction treatment resources either anonymously or with the personal help of a recovery navigator.  Individuals or family members looking for resources can log on to Recovery Resources Online Directory (relink.org) and search for local resources for anything from addiction treatment to second chance employment.  In addition, on this site you will see the option to call the 24/7 number (844-467-3777) to speak with an experienced, compassionate recovery navigator.  They will help you confidentially determine the best next step and guide you between services throughout the entire continuum of care.

For the past few years, Drug Safe Hudson has been managed by Cover 2 Resources owner, Greg McNeil and Hudson Community First directors, Laura Gasbarro and Laura Jones. Two addiction specialists were hired to help to build the organization. When covid hit, Drug Safe Hudson also lost its director and the ability to answer calls that would assist residents in need of assistance. Community First has been searching for a partner to help give immediate assistance to Hudson residents in need.

The continuum of DSH services will begin again on May 15, as relink.org takes the reins. For more information about the transition, call Community First at 330-807-1517 or if immediate addiction-related assistance is needed call 844-467-3777.