Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad Team qualifies for U.S. national tournament

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The Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad Team finished as funner-up in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament, qualifying for the US National Science Olympiad Tournament on May 2.

In April the Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad Team competed in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament, finishing as the State Runner-Up and qualifying for the U.S. National Science Olympiad Tournament on May 22.

This season the Science Olympiad community shifted competitions into the virtual world, building a completely independent online testing platform so that students were still able to compete remotely from home with their teammates in a multitude of events ranging from Meteorology and Dynamic Planet to Heredity and Disease Detectives. In total, there were 23 events on the schedule, which included hands-on building events that were video recorded and submitted online.

For example, Mouse-Trap Vehicle is an event in which the energy generated by a mouse trap snapping-closed is captured and repurposed to propel a vehicle towards a target (4.75 meters away for the State Tournament). The team that stops their vehicle closest to the target wins the event (Hudson Middle School finished fourth in the state with their vehicle averaging just 1.35cm from the target).

Out of the 23 events at the state tournament, Hudson Middle School won a medal (finishing in the top six) in 20 events, including six second-place medals, and three first-place medals (Experimental Design, Digital Structures, and Write It/CAD It).

To put this accomplishment into context, the top 42 middle schools in Ohio qualified for the state tournament, and Hudson Middle School’s previous best finish had been 22nd place in Ohio in 2019.

This is only the sixth year since the inception of the program, and Hudson Middle School is now one of only six middle schools in Ohio to have qualified for the National Science Olympiad Tournament in the past 15 years. Furthermore, this will be the first group of students to represent Hudson City School District at the US National Science Olympiad Tournament.

Congratulations to state tournament participants Alex Link, Aanya Patel, Audra Lozina, Daniel Kim, Erica Liu, Ethan Jing, Evan Peterson, Gemma Ward, Jack McCormick, Jenny Liu, Jerry Du, Kate Justice, Keven Gong, Luke Metoki, Noah Bartlett, Sherry Du, Sherry Li, Tori Slotter, and Yeonwoo Yu, along with the rest of the 55 member Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad Team.

There has been an outpouring of support for this program, including the Northeast Ohio STEM Alliance, the Hudson Kiwanis Foundation, the 25 parent and adult volunteers, and the middle school administration.