University Hospitals recognizes Macedonia medical techs

Ken Lahmers
Special to MyTownNEO

MACEDONIA – A crew of local fire department medical professionals has been recognized by the staff of University Hospitals’ Ahuja Medical Center for their actions in caring for a stroke victim.

At City Council’s March 25 session, Mayor Nick Molnar shared a video showing the presentation of an Excellence in Care plaque to Jeff Tylicki, Matt Kissig and Brian Leffler. Their effort earned praise from UH, Molnar and Fire Chief Brian Ripley.

The crew was called to a local business after a man suffered an attack believed to be a stroke. The men arrived in about 10 minutes, assessed the situation, provided care to the victim and rushed him to Ahuja in Cleveland.

Ripley said the stroke affected the man’s left side, and he could not speak right after it happened.

The hospital’s medical team did a CT scan, which identified a clot in the man’s brain, and then performed a thrombectomy, removing the 1 cm clot. The man has recovered, can speak and move around, and appeared with the UH team and rescuers in the video.

Ripley said prior to the attack, the man had missed some time at work, but returned on the day the stroke occurred. Had he been at home, his family would not have been present to help, but his work colleagues were able to summon the medical techs.

“I am so proud of our staff,” said Ripley, while Molnar added, “Our paramedics had the training to recognize the problem and saved the man’s life. How amazing is that, and what a good a job they do.”


Council renewed liability coverage with the Ohio Municipal Joint Self-Insurance Pool for the second year of a three-year contract. Effective April 1, the premium cost is $130,828, an increase of about $20,000 from last year.

Finance Director John Veres reported estimated resources in the 2021 budget were adjusted by adding $40,000 from unused 2020 purchase orders and $25,000 from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s community cost share reimbursement to the road program fund and $500,000 from the sale of land to the municipal property fund.

He added expenditures were increased by $89,500 for road salt, $35,000 for North Freeway Drive emergency repairs, $25,000 for the NEORSD CCS reimbursable project and $42,000 for road program engineering.

Council authorized the disposal of an Octane XR6000 seated elliptical exercise machine, which Parks-Rec Director Jason Chadock said is unusable.

City Engineer Joe Gigliotti announced bids for the 2021 road program were to be opened March 26, and bids for the fitness center parking lot repaving will be opened April 2.

Police Chief Jon Golden reported the department is working with New York state officials to get a man extradited back to Macedonia to face charges in the Feb. 27 robbery of the Key Bank branch on East Aurora Road.

Veres reminded residents that May 17 is now the deadline for filing city income tax returns, while Aug. 16 is the deadline for seeking city income tax refunds.

Council canceled its April 8 meeting because of a lack of business and that’s the week after Easter when some families might be on spring break trips.

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