'Hope Blooms' art in downtown Cuyahoga Falls

Kent Weeklies

Mayor Don Walters announces a partnership between the city of Cuyahoga Falls, Downtown Cuyahoga Falls Partnership, and EntrepreNEW to bring “Hope Blooms,” a temporary art installation, to High Bridge Glens Park in Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. The installation of oversized vibrant inflatable flowers will be on display in the park from Thursday, April 8, through Thursday, April 15. High Bridge Glens is located at 1817 Front St.

“We are excited to feature the Hope Blooms installation in our revitalized downtown to promote free public access to art for all of our residents and visitors,’ stated Walters. “We are proud of the joint partnership between our public, private, and non-profit sectors and look forward to continued opportunities to promote development throughout the city through the arts.”

"Not only does this install bring residents and visitors downtown, but it will also bring a smile to their face after such a challenging year,” said Downtown Cuyahoga Falls executive director Kaylee Piper.

“I hope visitors take time to stay and explore our downtown, visit our new history trail, and support local businesses."

“EntrepreNEW is excited to work with our partners to bring the Hope Blooms Ohio display to our Downtown Cuyahoga Falls home,” remarked Emily Knight, creator/teacher of EntrepreNEW. “This is a perfect experience for the Entreprenew students to work on this collaborative project to support the economic development in our area, bring hope to our city's residents, and put to work all of the entrepreneurial skills that the students have learned this year.” 

Hope Blooms features five inflatable flowers that range in size from 6-foot by 30 foot to 25 foot by 6 foot. They will be internally illuminated at night. The temporary install is part of a collaborative project amongst business students from EntrepreNEW and Beachwood High School's Marketing program, in partnership with the city of Cuyahoga Falls and Downtown Cuyahoga Falls Partnership. The blooms were designed and created by Inflatable Images in Brunswick, one of EntrepreNEW's key partners.  The blooms were part of a large-scale installation in NYC and are now making their way through various Northeast Ohio communities this spring to allow them to have a second life and be utilized to help stimulate economic development for the communities they visit. The blooms will be installed and removed by Inflatable Images.