Northfield Center Township appropriations see few changes this year

April Helms
Akron Beacon Journal
Kent Weeklies

NORTHFIELD CENTER -- There were only a few changes in this year's permanent appropriations from last year, according to the township's fiscal officer.

On March 1, the Northfield Center Township trustees adopted the permanent appropriations for 2021. The appropriations showed $2.3 million in the general fund and $6.82 million in all funds.

Andy LaGuardia, the fiscal officer for the township, said that the permanent appropriations "basically splits up about 90% to 95% of the monies available to specific funds so that bills can be paid throughout the year." The money "can be moved around sometimes if need be as long as they are used for their specific purpose." For example, money from the police levy must be used for police-related expenses.

LaGuardia said that appropriations for the roads "were considerably less this year, compared to last year."

"About $400,000 to $500,000 roughly was spent on re-doing Springwood Road last year," LaGuardia said. "Therefore, there was less money to appropriate to roads this year."

The police and fire appropriations had increases this year due to funding through Summit County and the state due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LaGuardia said. 

The township maintains its own fire department and gets police services through the Summit County Sheriff's department.

"Everything else was fairly similar to last year," he said.

Rich Reville, the chair for the trustees, said another reason the roads appropriations are lower is that there was uncertainty regarding the Bayberry Drive repairs.

"We didn't get the grants we expected we would get," Reville said. "We are reapplying with the county to see if we can get that project moving forward."

Reville said there was no budget from the Summit County Engineer's office on how much the project would cost, but added that he estimated it would be "a half a million, plus." 

"The road needs rebuilt," Reville said, adding there were issues with the road design. "Flooding and ice jams were a problem in that area. The drainage systems will need improved as well as the roads."

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