Spotlight on Success at THS highlights previous graduates

Kent Weeklies

This year due to the pandemic, advisers decided they wanted to continue with the Tallmadge High School program, Spotlight on Success, but needed to come up with a different way of having speakers share their path from THS to where they are today. 

It was decided to have the speakers create a Spotlight video, upload the video to YouTube, then share it with THS.  The district's head of technology, Kurt Gwin, created a link - - on the Tallmadge High School page for Spotlight on Success.  The video is available for students and staff to view.  Along with the video is a short bio of information.

This year the first video Spotlight Speaker was 2011 Grad Corbin Wade, followed by 2014 grad Alex Joyner, 2010 grad Jesse Batko, and 2001 grad Zach Mosholder.  You can view their stories on video on the website under Spotlight on Success

In addition, advisers have begun to reach out to former Spotlight Speakers that came in person to create a video and submit for the website.  Former Spotlight speakers include  1987 Michele (Watral) Campbell, 1995 Kevin Brawley, 1995 Brian Merriman, 1996 Dave Ziegler, 1998 Nici (Tomei) Zwolinski,  1998 Joe Vardon, 1998, 1999 Nichole (Carlson) Beasley, 2002 Dr. Paul Wilke, 2004 Sergeant Evan Mace, 2005 Mike Mitchell, 2005 Dr. Brian Jordan, 2006 Deric Nolte, 2008 Jon Lampley, 2008 Scott Hovest, 2009 Brian Croskey, 2010 Natalie (Spencer) Bowman, 2010 Rosie Murphy, 2011 Greg Grimes, 2011 Stephen McAninch, 2011 Taylor (Ridenour) Sminchak, and 2012 Louis Baragona.

Anyone interested in sharing their story and journey to success can create and upload a video to YouTube along with a short bio of information which includes:

  • Year you graduated from THS
  • Classes you took that helped in your career
  • Clubs, sports you were involved in while in high school
  • College(s) you graduated and year
  • Position you hold now
  • Any other pertinent information
  • Any advice you have for the kids

In the video, graduates should talk about their days in high school, add what they did after high school (college, job training or went right into the workforce), then share the transition to their career, add what they are doing today and the advancements they made along the way. Also about the importance of doing well in school, why students should be active in sports or clubs, and any other advice you would want to give to future Tallmadge graduates.

If you would like to participate, contact the class advisers and Spotlight on Success coordinators Joni Giles, Julie Headrick, or Arene Staszak