Local military charity organizes 'Max Out for Vets'

Kent Weeklies

A local charity is raising money for U.S. troops in an original way: push-ups.

During the month of March, The Cpl. Joseph A. Tomci Memorial Foundation is asking military supporters to do a daily set of push-ups, post a cell phone video of the set to social media, and ask their friends to pledge one penny for each push-up — as part of the foundation’s #MaxOutForVets fundraiser.

“Our soldiers are ‘maxing out’ for us, every single day that they are serving in the field. Many come home and struggle,” said Jason Tomci, the Foundation’s executive director. “This fundraiser gives us a chance to ‘max out’ in a limited way for them — to express appreciation for their dedication and to raise some money for veterans in need.”

This is the second year of #MaxOutForVets. In year one, the Tomci Foundation raised several thousand dollars, all of which was donated toward outfitting a handicapped-accessible van for a disabled veteran through Help Our Military Heroes.

“The push-ups helped us raise a lot of money last year, but we also got people thinking about the veterans in their lives,” said Mike Rasor, a foundation member who did 2,000 push-ups in 2020. “We have a hope that this program could go viral, and be a national movement.” (To see Rasor’s March 2, 2021 push-up video, click here: https://fb.watch/3ZXsioV9Q-/).

To participate, please visit: www.joetom.org/maxout. There are no standards for the quality of the push-up (i.e., knee push-ups are acceptable). The Foundation has capped a pledge’s potential commitment at twenty dollars ($20).

The Tomci Foundation was formed by friends and family of Cpl. Joseph A. Tomci, a U.S. Marine who was killed in roadside bombing on August 2, 2006. Since its formation, the Foundation has held 11 annual golf outings and donated tens of thousands of dollars to veterans’ causes in Northeast Ohio. In 2009, U.S. Congress passed legislation, which President Barack Obama signed, to rename Stow’s post office branch in Cpl. Tomci’s honor.