Macedonia mulls dog waste cleanup ordinance

Ken Lahmers
Special to MyTownNEO

MACEDONIA – After the police department received some complaints from residents, City Council is considering legislation that requires people in control of dogs to clean up any mess the animals make.

The proposed ordinance applies to dogs under a person’s control on or at any public street, sidewalk, pathway, park, pedestrian walkway and public facility, and on any private property not owned by the person in control of the dog.

First read at Council’s Feb. 11 session, the ordinance would require a person to possess “sufficient and readily usable wrappers, materials or implements to remove and properly dispose of any fecal matter that may be deposited on the ground by the dog.”

Disabled persons in control of guide dogs and officers in charge of police dogs in the performance of law enforcement duties are exempt.

The ordinance states persons may be cited in compliance with Rule 4.1 of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure and would have to appear in mayor’s court. Those in violation would be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

“There have not been a lot of complaints, but since the city does not have any requirements at this time to address situations where people do not clean up after their dogs, we thought this ordinance is appropriate,” said Police Chief Jon Golden.

The ordinance will be on second reading at Council’s Feb. 25 meeting.


Council authorized the city engineer to prepare plans and specifications, and the mayor to advertise for bids, for 2021 road improvement projects.

City Engineer Joe Gigliotti said the roads to be completely repaved are Iroquois Run from Apache to Shepard Hills and the entire length of Atterbury and Red Bush. Iroquois Run from Shoshone to Shepard Hills will have complete concrete curb replacement.

Crack sealing will be done on Route 82 from Arby’s to Aldi, while reclamite sealing will be done on Brookdale, Driftwood from Shepard to Barkdale, Meadowlawn, Eileen, Gloria, Foxhill, Stoneridge, Thistleridge, Robin, Swallow and Wren.

And finally, spot repairs, catch basin repairs and road drainage culvert repairs are planned at various locations.

Council OK’d the issuance and sale of $580,000 of notes in anticipation of the issuance of bonds to pay the property owners’ portion of costs related to the construction of the right-in, right-out access road off Route 8 into the Crossings at Golden Link shopping center.

The bonds are pursuant to a joint special assessment agreement between the city and Northfield Center Township. The $575,000 in tax-exempt street improvement special assessment general obligation bond anticipation notes issued in 2020 will be retired.

The bonds are to be dated about June 1, 2022 and will bear interest at an estimated 4% per year, payable semi-annually until the principal sum is paid. The first interest payment and first principal payment on the bonds are estimated to be due June 1, 2023.

Finance Director John Veres said 98% of the cost of the access road project will be paid for by the tenants in the shopping center through assessments, and each will have the option of paying their share all at once or bonded out over 20 years.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nick Molnar announced the city is trying out ClearLane enhanced deicer salt on snow-covered roads this winter, and it is working well. Although it is more expensive than regular road salt, the product is said to be anti-corrosive, better for the environment and adheres to the road better.

The mayor also praised the city’s parks-recreation committee for its work, and said a weekly feature on the city’s Facebook page will focus on local businesses which have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic. He said restaurants will be featured first.

A video of a Macedonia Fire Department ice training exercise on Longwood Park’s pond was shown, and Fire Chief Brian Ripley called the recent training “very advantageous.”

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