Book drive to highlight Random Acts of Kindness

Kent Weeklies
Chrishawndra Matthews accepts books donated last fall by the Page Turners (from left) Grant Putnam, Jeremy Lavoie and Jason Dement.

Random acts of kindness are appreciated every day of the year, but the Random Acts of Kindness week highlights the ways you can share kindness with others.

The Hudson League for Service sponsors the annual event with suggestions and fun activities.  Try “Throwing Kindness Around Like Confetti.”  Many of these activities can be engaged in virtually and perhaps Random Acts of Kindness week will be appreciated more this year than ever before.

On Monday, Feb. 15, Jeremy Lavoie, Grant Putnam and Jason Dement will make it easy for you to "share a book" or even a box of books. Weather permitting, the boys will be collecting books from 10 a.m. to noon at the pavilion at Veterans Way Park in conjunction with Random Acts of Kindness "share a book" day.  They will take gently used books of any kind and request that larger amounts of books be packed in boxes.

Last fall, the boys named themselves the Page Turners and started collecting donated books.  They successfully collected over 9,000 books and donated them to various organizations including Literacy in the HOOD, which works to combat illiteracy in Cleveland, the Findley Learning Center in Akron, and Open Book which distributes books to prisons in Ohio.