Macedonia OKs storage device/dumpster regulations

Ken Lahmers, Correspondent

MACEDONIA – After amendments were made to eliminate a requirement to obtain a permit and pay a fee, City Council on Jan. 28 approved legislation regulating portable on-demand storage devices, construction dumpsters and dumpster bags.

The new ordinance allows one POD or construction dumpster to remain on a property where there is an existing residential dwelling for up to 60 days. It must be located on a paved area unless a driveway has not yet been installed.

PODS and construction dumpsters must be located entirely on the owner’s lot and as close to the home as possible, and no part of them can be located on public property or in the public right-of-way.

The city’s building official has the authority to require immediate removal of a POD or construction dumpster if it is determined the object is no longer needed at the site or becomes a nuisance. The object must be free of dents, rust and/or graffiti and maintained in good condition.

Dumpster bags cannot remain on any private or public property, or in a public right-of-way, for more than 30 days, and no more than two bags are allowed at any given time.

Enforcement of the ordinance is at the hands of the police department, building commission or other designated city employee. Residents in violation of the ordinance can be charged with a minor misdemeanor.


Council gave the go-ahead for the city to sell three treadmills from the fitness center and a service department printer/vinyl cutter on One other treadmill will be given to the fire department for use by employees.

Parks-Rec director Jason Chadock said the market for fitness equipment is “very hot,” and he expects the machines to sell for a decent amount, as some other equipment the city has sold at auction has. The printer/cutter is about 15 years old, and has been replaced by a new one.

Finance director John Veres reported the city headed into 2021 with unencumbered balances of about $3.7 million in the general fund, a little more than $1 million in the safety/service fund, slightly less than $500,000 in the roads fund and slightly less than $400,000 in the water maintenance and expansion fund.

He noted the general fund is expected to end 2021 with a balance of $3 million.

Mayor Nick Molnar reported the city is seeking to participate in a program which will allow it to try out new electric pickup trucks being made at GM’s former Lordstown plant. “The trucks would provide a considerable savings on fuel,” he said.

The mayor explained the city also is taking advantage of a program in which a Summit County pool of workers can supply snowplow drivers when there is a shortage of city drivers. He announced 86 percent of city residents filled out their U.S. Census forms, and he urged residents to patronize local businesses.

Molnar expressed condolences to the Basch family upon the death of Denise Basch. The family are longtime Macedonia jewelry shop owners.

Police Chief John Golden said police have apprehended several people who broke into cars at the fitness center. He again urged residents to lock their cars, don’t leave keys inside and keep valuables out of sight.

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