Gleaneagles Golf Course in Twinsburg not behind on tax bill

April Helms
Kent Weeklies
This is the patio side (back) of the Gleneagles Golf Course clubhouse facing the 18th green.

TWINSBURG -- No, the city is not behind on its property taxes on Gleneagles Golf Course.

Concerns were recently raised on social media that the city of Twinsburg owed Summit County hundreds of thousands in taxes on the golf course. However, Mayor Ted Yates, in a post he made Tuesday, said this was not the case. 

"The county changed our tax exempt status following the completion of the new clubhouse," Yates wrote. "The city was required to resubmit an application to reinstate our tax exempt status. For those who are unaware, city owned properties are generally property tax exempt. The county has had our application for almost a year and we continue to communicate with the County on its status."

Yates included an attachment of a recent tax bill, which lists a total tax due of nearly $203,000, with a due date of July 17, 2020 -- but also includes a note that "due to the pending exempt status, this tax bill is not yet payable."

According to the Summit County Fiscal Office's website, the property tax bill due Feb. 26 includes the past due amount of $226,557 for tax year 2019, which includes penalties and interest, plus the current $106,705.85 due for the first half of 2020, for a total of $333,263.

Corey Linke, from the appraisal division of the Summit County Fiscal Office, confirmed that this letter was sent, and that this is standard procedure with government-owned properties.

"We received the paperwork [for the exemption status] last February, and made some adjustments in August because of a lease," Linke said. He added the tax exempt status was under review by the state, and the process typically takes one to three years to resolve. The pandemic has not slowed down the process by much. 

In July, City Council approved a lease agreement with JJB Restaurant Enterprises LLC of Chagrin Falls to operate the restaurant, kitchen, bar, banquet hall, outdoor patio, related portions of the building and two beverage carts to serve golfers.

The new operator is part of the Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group, which operates M Italian in Chagrin Falls, Leo’s Italian Social in Cuyahoga Falls and 16 Burntwood Tavern locations (10 in Ohio and six in Florida).

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"'Facebook pages tend to generate a lot of negative buzz...'" Yates said in his post. "This was a consistent theme shared by many of our survey takers and focus group members. This is a prime example of generating 'negative buzz' via a Facebook post. I understand that there are those that will always seek a way to be negative and criticize, but in an effort to rebuild some bridges I am asking that you give me, or your Councilperson, a call before creating a misleading post on social media. We will happily and promptly answer any of your questions or concerns."

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