Twinsburg Township hopes to see JEDD property developed

April Helms
Kent Weeklies

TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP – Twinsburg Township officials hope a developer will express interest in working with property on Enterprise Parkway within the Joint Economic Development District.

The 15-acre parcel includes a road easement, rail easement and wetlands, said Rob Kagler, the township manager. This leaves about 6 acres that can be used for construction. Kagler added that industrial land is valued about $90,000 an acre.

“The township desires to see the usable part of the property, as well as land further west, put to use as permitted in the industrial district,” Kagler said. “The property, as well as land further west is in the township and in the JEDD area, so anything that occurs on that property will be part of the JEDD and jointly benefit the township and [Reminderville] Village.” 

The township purchased the land in 2016 to extend Enterprise Parkway to the west. Kagler said that this road extension “has not yet been constructed.” The 15 acres is adjacent to roughly 40 acres of private property. The township purchased the property to allow for access from the township to the privately owned land, which currently has a house “and some outbuildings.” Kagler added he knows the house has been used occasionally but he wasn’t sure if it were being used now.

“It would likely be constructed in conjunction with later development on the township-owned parcel and/or privately-owned property to the west,” Kagler said.

In December, the township retained NAI Pleasant Valley, which is headquartered in Medina, as the broker to sell or lease the township property.

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