Free transportation service offered to Hudson residents ages 60 and older

Phil Keren
Kent Weeklies
Jeff Adelman is founder and owner of Sedan or Van Transportation LLC (, which is providing free rides to Hudson residents ages 60 and older through a grant being administered by Rejoice! Lutheran Church. The church received a $2,000 grant from the Akron Community Foundation.

HUDSON — A grant-funded program will provide free transportation services to residents ages 60 and older.

Rejoice! Lutheran Church in Hudson earlier this year acquired a $2,000 grant from the Akron Community Foundation (ACF) to fund an initiative to offer transportation to city residents who are ages 60 and older. 

Paige Giannetti, a council member at the church, said Rejoice! officials decided to apply for the grant after hosting an On-The-Table discussion in the fall of 2019. 

Each year, more than 300 individuals in Summit County self-organize to discuss key topics developed by ACF. The topics addressed at the On-The-Table talks in 2019 were better serving the needs of seniors, inclusion of those with disabilities or special needs in the community, and prevention of addictions. 

Those talks, Giannetti said, "led to the identification of the needs of seniors for transportation and then that led to submitting the grant [application]."

Giannetti added church officials decided to begin utilizing the grant in November so that transportation would be available during the winter.

Sedan or Van Transportation LLC, based in Hudson, is providing free rides to city residents ages 60 and older in a program that is funded by a grant from the Akron Community Foundation.

For this program, Hudson-based Sedan or Van Transportation LLC ( will offer rides to older citizens every day between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.  

"They have a good reputation," said Giannetti, who added the company's founder and owner, Jeff Adelman, "was very willing to work with us to make this all work."

Residents in the 60 and older age group who want to have rides for trips such as grocery shopping, medical appointments or church services are encouraged to contact Adelman and request a free ride.

Sedan or Van Transportation LLC will provide round-trip service, said Giannetti, who noted there is an added cost if the customer asks the driver to wait at the destination rather than having them return at an agreed upon time. If a customer has a walker or wheelchair, Sedan or Van employees will load and unload the equipment; the customer must be able to enter and exit the vehicle independently. The vehicles are sanitized between each ride, the drivers wear masks and there is hand sanitizer, masks and gloves available inside each vehicle, according to Giannetti.

The customer will be asked to share their rating of the service on a postage-paid postcard that will be provided to them. Adelman will then send the bill for each ride to the church, which will pay for the invoice with the grant money, according to Giannetti. 

Giannetti added the church must use all of the grant money by March 2022.

Rides will be provided to customers anywhere within the boundaries of the city and one mile past the corporation line on the north, south, east and west sides of the municipality. Usage is limited to two round-trips per individual.

City residents ages 60 and older can request a ride by calling Adelman at 330-256-6422. It is strongly recommended that they provide 24-hour notice. If anyone has questions about the program, they should email the church at

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