Preschool enjoys a special gingerbread house

Staff report
Students in the Lil' Bulldogs preschool program work on holiday cards for family members while in the classroom's gingerbread house.
Joelle Grimsley and Melissa Bysura pose with some of their Lil' Bulldogs preschool students in front of the classroom's gingerbread house.
Students "baked" gingerbread cookies in their gingerbread house.
This gingerbread house was built for the Lil' Bulldogs preschool program.
Students in the Lil' Bulldogs preschool program, pictured here with Joelle Grimsley and Melissa Bysura, have been enjoying their gingerbread house.

The Lil' Bulldogs preschool program recently enjoyed a holiday treat of a gingerbread playhouse in their classroom.

When teacher Joells Grimsley and aide Melissa Bysura wanted to build the playhouse for their students, they began a search for boxes for its construction, including a request on Facebook.

"We had some difficulty finding boxes due to COVID," said Grimsley. "Our Mayor John Pribonic saw my plea on Facebook and used his contact with Home Depot to get them delivered to us at school.  Additionally, Gavin Scott Salon donated our little tree located outside the gingerbread house."

Grimsley and Bysura then built the gingerbread house for the youngsters, while the students painted the candy pieces that were used.

Making cards was one of the activities students enjoyed in their gingerbread house.

"We believe that our classroom is a family and that our students deserve a place of joy and happiness during this pandemic," explained Grimsley.  "We have been having lots of fun playing in the house 'baking' gingerbread cookies and writing out cards to loved ones."  

The gingerbread house was where preschool students could work on cards for family members.
A preschool student shows off some gingerbread cookies "baked" in the gngerbread house.

The Lil' Bulldogs preschool program is an integrated preschool program run by the Stow-Munroe Falls school district.  The program serves students in the community aged 3-5 who qualify for early intervention on an IEP due to developmental delays.  Additionally, typically developing peer models are included in each classroom.  

Preschool students discuss making cookies in their classroom's gingerbread house.

See more pictures of the students and their gingerbread house on the Stow Sentry website,