Salary hikes approved as part of Reminderville's 2021 budget

Ken Lahmers, Correspondent

REMINDERVILLE – Village Council passed legislation Dec. 8 to increase the salaries for several village administrators and other employees mostly by 3 percent, effective Dec. 27.

Among the major new salaries are: Police Chief Marco Berqueist, $85,490; Fiscal Officer Deborah Wordell, $56,820; Fire Chief Thomas Plunkett, $47,946 including longevity; Assistant Fire Chief Chad Johns, $39,816 including longevity.

Law Director Angela Lohan, $56,650; Administrative Assistant/Clerk of Council Stacey Task, $45,971, plus an additional $546 per month as community events/seniors coordinator; and Sam Alonso, $17,389 in addition to his $30,000 mayor’s salary.

Police department wages are as follows: administrative assistant, $24.47 per hour; full-time officer on probation, $28.12; part-time officer on probation, $22.90; full-time officer off probation, $30.93; sergeant, $37.02; lieutenant, $40.72; and and captain, $44.79.

Rates for other members of the fire department are: captain, $27.10; lieutenant, $24.64; firefighter/paramedic, $22.39; and firefighter/EMT, $19.33.

Service department supervisor Jonathan Herrera’s hourly rate will be $19.66, while service department workers Patrick Martin ($17.49 per hour) and Ronald Jones ($16.39) also will receive raises.

Reminderville Athletic Club lead staffer Debbie Hybill will receive $12.73 per hour, while other RAC employees will get between $9.75 and $12.73.

Meanwhile, Council approved the 2021 appropriations. In all funds, $9.5 million is expected to be available, $5.85 million is projected to be spent, with a carryover into 2022 of $3.65 million. In the general fund, $4.62 million is expected to be available, $1.98 million is projected to be spent, with a carryover into 2022 of $2.63 million.

Expenditures in funds other than the general are set as follows: Streets, $224,776; Reminderville Athletic Club, $927,414; fire, $833,842; and EMS, $54,018.

“Taking a conservative approach, each department’s budget was reduced by 20 percent,” said Fiscal Officer Debbie Wordell. “Income tax revenue projected by RITA is expected to be down 3 percent.”

Wordell added the mayor and Council will revisit the budget after the first quarter to determine whether additional appropriations can be authorized.

Other actions taken by Council at its Nov. 24 and Dec. 8 meetings are as follows:

  • Adopted the holiday schedule for 2021 as determined by Mayor Sam Alonso.
  • Authorized the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Summit County Public Defenders Commission for court representation for indigent persons.
  • Established a policy authorizing supplemental hazard pay from the coronavirus relief fund for employees who are subject to working in hazardous conditions during a declared state of emergency.
  • Hired John Kilbourne as a front desk associate ($9.25 per hour) and Bryan White, Brenda O’Hara, Elizabeth Lear and Stacy O’Keefe as personal trainers and fitness instructors for the Reminderville Athletic Club (various rates).
  • Hired seasonal snowplow operators Douglas Schuller ($16.75 per hour) and Aaron Jones ($16 per hour), and Brandon Bryan as a part-time firefighter/paramedic ($21.74 per hour).
  • Directed the fire chief to apply for an Assistance to Firefighters equipment grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Transferred $50,000 from the general fund and $100,000 from the VR JEDD fund to the parks and recreation fund.
  • Repealed a previously passed ordinance to transfer $92,172 from the coronavirus relief fund to the general, street, RAC and fire income tax funds.

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