2020 International Peace Light coming to the area Nov. 28

Kent Weeklies
The Peace Light flame, symbolic of the Light of Christ, will come to the Scout Shop Nov. 28. The light is available to groups, individuals and churches. Cub Scout Troop 3310 member Ren Parado transfers the flame at last year's ceremony.

For over 29 years the Peace Light from Bethlehem has been spread throughout Europe by the cooperation of the Austrian Broadcasting Company – ORF (Linz), Austrian Airlines and the Austrian Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Beginning in 2000, it has been flown to the United States and was taken to Ground Zero in New York in 2002. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in the United States and in Europe, the 2020 International Peace Light from Bethlehem cannot be flown to the United States.  Fortunately, Bob Granchie, a member of the Youngstown Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting and the Whispering Pines District Chaplain in Mahoning County, has maintained the 2019 International Peace Light at his home since last year.    

The Peace Light is a continuous flame and originates in the grotto where the Christ Child was born in Bethlehem and is delivered by a young Austrian child to the Austrian Airlines where it is placed in two blast proof miners lamps and flown from Tel Aviv, Israel to Vienna, Austria. Here the light is then distributed throughout 20 European countries and overseas, including North America, via land routes and the Austrian Airlines as a symbol of peace.

On Saturday, Nov. 28, the International Peace Light will come to the Great Trail Council Scout Shop located at 4500 Hudson Drive in Stow, for a 9:30 a.m. outdoor ceremony open to the public with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in attendance. 

Everyone attending the ceremony is asked to wear a mask as well as in the Scout Shop anytime you are visiting.  Anyone wishing to receive the Peace Light in Stow should bring a windproof candle or lantern to receive the Peace Light and a message of peace.  The Peace Light will be available at the Great Trail Council Scout Shop during normal business hours until Dec. 23 at noon when they close for the holiday.  Contact the Scout Shop at 330-773-4078.

Individuals and organizations of all faiths and/or denominations are cordially invited to bring a wind proof candle or lantern to receive the Nativity of Bethlehem flame and take it back to their place of worship in order to provide this Peace Light to their own congregations to commemorate the Christmas holiday season or take home for their own personal use for the holidays.

The Great Trail Council is  looking for additional locations to host the Peace Light to make it available to more people in the community. It would require only that you give it a suitable place of residence within your location.. Any ceremonies, rites or programs may be performed at your option to honor this Light of Peace from Bethlehem. It would be a beautiful opportunity to pass along this message of peace in your holiday celebrations.

In Medina, Portage, Summit and northern Wayne counties, contact the Great Trail Council Peace Light Coordinator,  Dennis Parado at 330-907-5639 (text or call) or dparado@kent.edu for information, questions or to offer to host the Peace Light

Peace Light details and more information can be found at  www.peacelightnorthamerica.org  or the Peace Light – North America Facebook page.