Tallmadge councilperson withdraws 'welcoming community' resolution

Krista S. Kano
Kent Weeklies
Tallmadge City Hall

Tallmadge Councilperson Michael Carano has withdrawn his resolution to affirm the city as a welcoming community following the failure of his legislation that aimed to make the prayer portion of council meetings more inclusive. 

Carano introduced the prayer legislation on Oct. 8, and council subsequently received seven letters from clergy opposed to it. The legislation then failed 5-1 on Oct. 22, with Carano casting the only favorable vote. 

During the Nov. 12 council meeting, Carano said that he had received seven letters in support of his prayer legislation and one opposed, "which in some ways is pertinent to this [welcoming city] resolution.]"

"In light of some of the comments from my colleagues and the ministers, I think at this time, passing this [welcoming city] resolution would be maybe too advanced for the leadership in Tallmadge," Carano said. 

The resolution would have affirmed that Tallmadge was a welcoming community that respects the innate dignity of all people.

"I think the people in the community are much more advanced in their thinking. Maybe at some future point in time, Tallmadge will be willing, particularly with the youth who are quite a different breed than our generation. They are a changing, open-minded group of people. Maybe in the future it will transpire, and for that reason I'm withdrawing the resolution from council," he said. 

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