Letter: Says a lot of people helped out at the polls

Kent Weeklies

A big voting thank you!

After having spent the whole long day working the polls, I wanted to send out a big thanks to our voters at the Gagat Facility in Hudson. They were orderly, calm and patient with us. To Papa John’s for treating the workers to individual pizzas; to the Hudson Maintenance who helped us set up (we had to make the room COVID safe for our voters with one door in and one door out; to the Mayor of Hudson for stopping by to thank us – a first ever – and last but not least to my crew of workers: Joan, Mike, Mary, Jo, Charlie, Colleen, Robert, Rachel, Gerry, John and Kathy.

You were pure joy to work with and most of you were first timers. I hope you‘ll come back. Also, we were first precinct to Joanne’s to report our ballots.

Take care, be safe and God bless America.

Molly Fleming, Hudson