List of candidates on Nov. 3 ballot in Cuyahoga Falls, Silver Lake

Staff Report

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 for the General Election. In addition to the presidential race, there are county, state and federal races and county and local issues to decide.

Voting locations will be open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For information on voting and polling place locations, as well as congressional, state senate, state house and county council districts, contact the Summit County Board of Elections at 330-643-5200 or visit the website at

Here is a list of candidates that will appear on the ballot for voters in Cuyahoga Falls and Silver Lake. An * indicates the incumbent in that race.

Summit County Executive

Ilene Shapiro (D) *

John Chapman (R)

Summit County Fiscal Officer

Kristen Scalise (D) *

Jay Iula (R)

Summit County Clerk of Courts

Sandra Kurt (D) *

Mike Rasor (R)

Summit County Sheriff

Shane Barker (R)

Kandy Fatheree (D)

Summit County Engineer

Alan Brubaker (D) *

Summit County Prosecutor

Sherri Bevan Walsh (D) *

Michael Washington (R)

U.S. House of Representatives - District 14 

Dave Joyce (R) *

Hillary O'Connor Mueri (D)

U.S. House of Representatives - District 13

Tim Ryan (D) *

Christina Hagan (R)

Michael Fricke (L)

State Senator - District 28

Michael Downey (R)

Vernon Sykes (D) *

State Representative - District 34

Emilia Sykes (D) * 

Henry Todd (R)

State Representative - District 36

Matt Shaughnessy (D)

Bob Young (R)

State Representative - District 37

Beth Bigham (R)

Casey Weinstein (D) *

Summit County Council - District 2

Al Gates (R)

John Schmidt (D) *

Summit County Council - District 3

Louis G. Berroteran (D)

Gloria J. Rodgers (R) *

Summit County - District 4

Jeff Wilhite (D) *

State Board of Education - District #5

Christina Collins

Lisa Woods *

Justice - Ohio Supreme Court

Sharon L. Kennedy *

John P. O'Donnell 

Justice - Ohio Supreme Court

Jennifer Brunner

Judi French *

Judge - 9th District Court of Appeals

Julie A. Schafer *

Betty Sutton

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Tammy O'Brien * 

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Kelly L. McLaughlin *

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Alison McCarty *

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Mary Margaret Rowlands *

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Christine Croce *

Judge - Common Pleas Court

Joy Malek Oldfield *

Judge - Juvenile Court

Linda Tucci Teodosio *

Judge - Domestic Relations

Katarina Cook *

Kani Hightower

Judge - Probate Court

Elinore Marsh Stormer *