Twinsburg library receives grants for COVID-19-related expenses

April Helms
Kent Weeklies
Kaitlin Walker, a Youth Services Associate with the Twinsburg Public Library, tries out the new equipment the library purchased through a grant.

TWINSBURG – The Twinsburg Public Library was able to purchase items ranging from PPE to materials to assist with virtual programming courtesy of $28,000 in grants the library received.

One grant, for $3,000, will be used to upgrade equipment needed to support virtual library programming, said Cari Dubiel, the Adult Learning and Information Services Manager at the library. The project was supported in whole or in part by federal Institute of Museum and Library Services funds, granted through the State Library of Ohio.

Dubiel said that this grant was used to purchase items like web cams, tripods and wireless microphones “for speakers who come in on Facebook live so the sound will be better.”

In addition, the library now has web cams for Zoom programs “so if we are hosting a program and the speaker is elsewhere, it will be easier to host those speakers.” Dubiel said she also hoped to use some of the grant money to purchase a software subscription for internet learning.

The Twinsburg Public Library used funds from a $3,000 grant to update its web cams and other computer equipment.

In addition, the library recently received $25,000 in grant funds to assist in operating safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every Ohio public library and branch location was eligible to apply for this funding that was awarded to the State of Ohio as Federal Financial Assistance from the U.S. Department of Treasury,” said Jodie Lyons, public relations and marketing coordinator at the library. “The library will use the money to offset the cost of PPE such as acrylic guards between staff and visitors, social distancing markers, cleaning supplies, and the two Enviroshield treatments the building received in March and August of 2020.”

Open library board position

The library is looking for a new board member; the new member’s term will start in January 2021.

The current board member, Donald Spice, will complete his term at the end of the year. Spice has served on the Twinsburg Public Library Board since the year 2000 and was active as the head of the Building and Grounds Committee. The library hopes to find candidates with a similar skill set and specialty.

The Board of Trustees is composed of seven members and the opening is available to anyone from any of the three communities served by the library — City of Twinsburg, Twinsburg Township, and Village of Reminderville.

Completed applications and resumes are due at the library by 5 p.m. on Oct. 20. Applications and a job description can be found online at, or at the front circulation desk. Applications and resumes also may be sent to

For details on the Twinsburg Public Library and its Board of Trustees, contact Mary Johnson, president of the board, at 330-425-4268, ext. 5.

Fundraiser opportunity

The Foundation of the Twinsburg Public Library is sponsoring a reverse raffle for several trips. Tickets are $75 each, and are available for purchase online or at the administration office. Call 330-425-4268, ext. 5 or visit for details on the trips or to buy tickets.

Only 100 tickets will be sold. There will be an event Nov. 19; whether it will be in-person or online will be determined later.

Numbers will be drawn individually at random and then eliminated from the contest one at a time until the last three tickets remain. If one of the last three ticket holders is not present, it will be presumed that they would wish to go all the way. The foundation will get half of the proceeds of the "sold" ticket. The winner may choose one of the four trips listed. When tickets are purchased online, an authorized representative from the Twinsburg Public Library or The Foundation of the Twinsburg Public Library will complete the ticket by filling in the name, address, and phone number provided and will ensure the raffle ticket is entered. A confirmation of purchase and the number of the ticket will be sent by mail.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and residents of the state of Ohio. The cost of raffle tickets purchased is not tax deductible. Prizes may be taxable to the winner. Winners are solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes.

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