Munroe Falls needs to look at renewing trash contract or go out to bid

Laura Freeman
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The city of Munroe Falls will decide whether to renew a contract with Kimble Companies for trash collection or go out to bid.

MUNROE FALLS – The city will be looking at whether to renew a contract with Kimble Companies for trash collection or go out to bid.

Mayor James Armstrong said the city has a three-year contract with Kimble that expires in February 2021. They have the option to renew the contract at an increase based on the Consumer Price Index at the end of the year, which would probably be around 2%.

“The consensus is we’ve been really happy with Kimble and we have the option to renew it or put it out to bid,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said that when he was running for office, the previous garbage collector was the biggest complaint.

“People were unhappy with the previous company who was doing it,” Armstrong said. “Complaints used to be weekly, but I rarely hear about a garbage complaint now.”

Armstrong said it helps that Kimble is an Ohio company and they respond quickly when someone has an issue.

Council members will have to approve a request to renew the contract, Armstrong said. Council gave a first reading to the legislation at its meeting on Tuesday.

“It was three-year contract with an option to renew, and we have to decide if we take the options,” Armstrong said. “We will need council’s approval to enter into the contract. Otherwise, I would have to go out to bid.”

Munroe Falls was awarded an exclusive residential refuse and recycling collection contract March 1, 2018 with Kimble Recycling & Disposal Inc.

They provided different options such as Single Bag Service for low volume customers.

Residents received a 96-gallon dark green cart for trash and a 65-gallon bright green cart for recycling.

With all service options, except the Single Bag Service, bulky items are collected on the regular scheduled collection day and include items such as stoves, empty hot water tanks, washers, dryers, furniture and 4-foot lengths of carpet. All mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture contaminated with bed bugs must be wrapped and sealed in plastic. The large items should be placed at least 3 feet from the carts.

Curbside full service for a 95-gallon cart or 65-gallon cart or without a cart was $17.50 per month or $52.50 per quarter in 2020; Setback full service for any of the three services was $28 per month or $84 per quarter. Senior discounts applied for any of those services.

The Curbside Single Bag Service with recycling was $3.20 per month and $9.50 per quarter. Without recycling there was no monthly fee. The bags have to be purchased separately at $42 for 10 bags.

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