Kimble is new trash hauler beginning Jan. 1 in Tallmadge

Laura Freeman
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Kimble trash will be the new haulers in Tallmadge. A bright green cart is for recyclables.

TALLMADGE – Residents will have a new trash and recycling provider beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Kimble Companies will replace Republic Services. 

Customers have been paying $15.27 per month or $45.81 per quarter for trash and recycling services but those rates have increased with the new contract.

The city approved a four-year contract with Kimble from Jan. 1, 2021 through June 30, 2025. The first term is 18 months at $51.69 per quarter; the second term is 12 months at $52.98; the third term is 12 months at $54.30; and the fourth term is 12 months at $55.95

Republic's bid was more each term beginning at $53.97 per quarter and ending at $58.97. The other bidding company, Rumpke, was more starting at $60.48 per quarter and ending at $65.13.

The new rate for regular/unlimited trash and recycling service is $51.69 per quarter beginning Jan. 1. Customers can request a low-volume of 30 gallons or less for $41.85 per quarter and that includes recycling service, according to Mike Rorar, the city's director of public service.

Kimble will deliver new trash and recycling carts to customers two weeks prior to the first week of service, Rorar said. Collection days will remain the same for residents. Kimble will be sending out further information with details regarding the new services.

Republic Services will pick up the old carts at the end of the contract period, which is the last week of the year, he said.

The contract with Republic Services ends Dec. 31. Mayor David Kline looked at a contract for citywide trash pickup in July after council approved authorizing the mayor to advertise for bids for the citywide trash and recycling.

"The contract was up with Republic on Dec. 31," Rorar said. "We had to go out to bid. It had nothing to do with Republic service. We liked them, and they bid on it, but they weren't the lowest bidder."

Kimble Companies submitted the lowest and best bid, which was approved in September by the board of control, Rorar said. A little more than 5,500 households use the citywide trash services. It is an exclusive contract so residents cannot opt out.

The board of control is required to approve all contracts above $50,000, Kline said.

The city currently only uses Republic as they have an exclusive residential contract for the entire city excluding apartments and condos. The city has been a single hauler since 2013 to get the best deal and reduce the number of heavy trucks traveling on residential streets.

"I’ve been very happy with the current provider, Republic, and we've had them since I was director of public service," Kline said. "People are very loyal to trash companies but we're required by law to do this and go out to public bid."

The bid process worked, Kline said. The city checked all bids and references and Kimble checked out, and the city went with the lowest bid.

Tallmadge only allows one trash hauler permit issued by the director of public service for the citywide trash and recycling collection for single-family residential units consistent with its existing contract for such services.

The contract with Republic Waste Services started in January 2014 and ran through 2017 and then the city entered into a new agreement in 2018 by piggybacking on the city of Barberton’s agreement.

“If another government agency does a public bid, you can piggyback on that,” Kline said. “They had a nice renewal with Republic, and it was cheaper to piggyback on that and save our residents money. It was a good deal.”

The renewals are expired, and no other piggybacks exist, Kline said.

For questions, contact the Department of Public Service at 330-633-0854.

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