Aurora Police Reports

Eileen McClory
Kent Weeklies
Crime scene tape

Crime reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive.

  • Officers went to a Bryce Avenue residence for a report of a noise complaint on Sept. 24. Police found a Willoughby Hills girlfriend was leaving and the Aurora man was upset about it. The girlfriend said she was fine and didn’t need help. The police stayed until the woman left.
  • Police went to a North Aurora Road residence on Sept. 24 for a report of a domestic dispute. The police arrived to find the Aurora woman and a Ravenna man were having a verbal dispute. The man, who was leaving for work, agreed to stay away for the night.
  • Police went to a North Aurora Road and West Garfield Road residence on Sept. 29 for a report of a disabled vehicle. The police approached the vehicle and the woman was vague when providing information. Police checked out her BMV photo and it did not match the name she provided. Police arrested her for falsification. On the way back to the police station, she gave her real name and found she had a 12-point suspension. She was charged with falsification and driving under suspension. She was given a court date and taken to University Hospitals for an evaluation.
  • Police went to a South Chillicothe Road for a domestic dispute. A Euclid woman told police her Euclid boyfriend punched her several times in the arm and head. The man was not able to be found but a warrant was obtained.
  • A Chagrin Falls woman came to the Aurora station to turn in three credit cards she’d found in the parking lot of a local store. The cards were placed into evidence until the owner could be found.
  • An Aurora woman’s car was hit in the driver’s side door in Barrington Town Square by a person pulling into an adjacent parking spot. The operator of the vehicle causing the damage was later contacted by police as she wasn’t in the car when police arrived. Information was exchanged and no injuries were reported.
  • A Kent man received a ticket for criminal trespass on Squires Road as he found on private property on Sept. 26.
  • A Streetsboro store owner told Aurora police that upon entering her storage unit on South Chillicothe Road she found all the clothing located there was gone. About $5,000 worth of clothing was taken. New management had just taken over and they were not able to supply any information that would help locate a suspect.
  • Police went to Parker Drive on Sept. 26 for a report of a vehicle parked on the side of the road. The Aurora man told police he was out looking for his lost dog. Police helped him look but were not able to locate him.
  • Two girls were taken home and released to their parents after being found in the street after curfew on Lloyd Avenue on Sept. 27.
  • An Aurora woman came on station to report that unknown suspects opened a small business loan in the amount of $150,000 on Sept. 28. She contacted the small business administration to report the crime and the credit bureau to report the activity. A police report was completed.
  • An Aurora woman told police she had been allowing a Streetsboro woman live with her on New Hudson Road for a period of time, but after a disagreement the Streetsboro woman was asked to leave. Since then she had gotten threatening phone calls and texts. On Sept. 28, the Streetsboro woman was contacted by police and told to have no further contact with the Aurora woman and not to return to the property.
  • An Aurora woman came on station to report that she is a victim of fraud on East Boulevard on Sept. 28. An unknown suspect had wired $2,086 in her name to Jamaica. A police report was complete and all information was being sent to her bank’s fraud department.
  • Aurora Police were dispatched to a Deepwood Drive home for a report of unknown suspect committing a theft of police signs from the resident’s yard on Sept. 28.