On Veterans Way: William K. Roddy, Sr.

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William K. Roddy Sr.

William K. Roddy, Sr., Vietnam Veteran, was born in Ligonier, Pa. in 1937 and moved to the Hudson area in 1957.

Roddy was drafted into the Army Jan. 9, 1961 and honorably discharged Jan. 9, 1963 as an E-2. He was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga.

His exceptional marksmanship proved helpful as Roddy competed with others from Hudson Lee-Bishop American Legion Post 464 at Turkey Shoots on Ravenna Street. He was a Legionnaire for over 50 years.

Roddy was an avid hunter and fisherman with never a year passing that fresh meat or fish was not available to his family. He was a member of the "Hudson Buffalos", who helped their fellow Legionnaires with home repairs or any needed assistance. He was always there to help with the children’s fishing program sponsored by the American Legion and FOPA.

He married Gail Kingsley-Shoenfelt and together they raised children: Miriam, Cheryl, Timothy, Tamra and Bill Jr. Roddy loved his children and never missed any of their school football, baseball, or track games. The children were graduates of Hudson High School.

Roddy was a certified Journeyman working in the heavy equipment arena and lived in Hudson for over 60 years.

Roddy’s death on April 25, 2018 brought much sorrow to his family and the American Legion. He is buried in Markillie Cemetery.

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