Twinsburg schools will provide free meals to students

District will offer meals to in-person, virtual students through mid-December

April Helms
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Students in the Twinsburg City School District can receive free breakfast and lunch through a federal grant through mid-December.

TWINSBURG – The Twinsburg City Schools will continue to provide free meals for students.

The meals will be offered through Dec. 18 or until funds have run out, with the money coming from the USDA through the CARES Act. The district’s Summer Seamless Program will provide one breakfast and one lunch per student, per day.

“This opportunity is available to all students, regardless of free or reduced lunch status,” said Superintendent Kathryn Powers. “Taking advantage of free school meals allows you to extend your food budget and save on meal-prep time, permits students to enjoy their favorite school treats, and greatly aids the district’s food service department.”

Mark Bindus, the district’s dietician, said that the Twinsburg City Schools have been able to provide meals to students after the buildings closed in March, all through the summer, and even for the district’s virtual students.

“Right now, we have just under 100 students in virtual who get food from us,” Bindus said during the school board’s Sept. 23 meeting. “We expect that will go up a little bit.”

Parents or guardians of enrolled students who participate in the district’s Twinsburg Virtual Academy in preschool through 12th grade who are interested in enrolling their children for the Summer Seamless Option will need to enroll their children through online. Parents/guardians will only need to enroll their children once to receive these meals. Meals will be delivered on Wednesdays to three locations, along with a meal pick-up option at George G. Dodge Intermediate School. The first meal delivery for virtual students was Sept. 30.

Parents or guardians of kindergarten through sixth-grade students who are enrolled in the district’s on-campus option do not need to complete the survey, Powers said. These students will continue to order their meals using the system already in place. Parents or guardians of the on-campus preschool students are invited to complete the survey found in the link above and should plan to pick up their preschooler’s meals at one of the drop locations; preschool students do not eat breakfast or lunch while at school.  

“They get a snack,” Powers said during the school board meeting.

Parents or guardians of seventh through 12th grade students should complete the survey found in the link above for the days they are learning from home. On days in which these students are on-campus for class, they will continue to order breakfasts and lunches using the system already in place.

Although not applicable to the Summer Seamless Option, parents are still encouraged to submit their applications for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program, as eligibility for this program is directly linked to waivers for student fees and pay-to-participate fees, Powers said. In addition, “eligibility for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program will be important once the Summer Seamless Option is no longer available,” she added.

Bindus said the Summer Seamless Program “is a great opportunity or us.”

While in school, meals are served in the classroom through a cashless system. For details, visit

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