Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools offer dashboard with COVID-19 data

Information available on website

Laura Freeman
Kent Weeklies
The Stow-Munroe Falls City School District has this dashboard posted on its website to provide updates on the number of active COVID-19 cases among staff members and students. As of Sept. 24, there were no active cases in the district.

STOW —  With some students in the classroom now, parents want to know if a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Stow-Munroe Falls City School District's dashboard system is posted on its website to provide information on positive COVID-19 cases. To access the dashboard, visit the website and the dashboard system is under the “COVID-19 UPDATES” tab.

“The SMF COVID-19 Dashboard is updated every time there is a new positive case or when one expires based on the information provided by SPCH,” said Laura Forchione, director of technology integration and public relations. The dashboard lists active cases in each of the nine schools. At Echo Hills, three cases were recently reported.

“The cases at Echo Hills were not in the same classroom,” Forchione said. “When it comes to positive cases, we are not permitted to share details of students, staff, families, etc., due to HIPPA restrictions.”

As of Thursday morning, Sept. 24, there were no longer any active cases listed on the dashboard. Active cases are those in which the student/staff has received a positive test/diagnosis and has not been cleared to return.

Reported COVID-19 cases are based on information provided by the Summit County Public Health Department, parents, guardians, caregivers and are either confirmed based on testing or clinical diagnosis. Families of close contacts will be notified based on the Summit County Public Health Department contact tracing protocol.

When active cases are reported, the school district follows the guidance of the SCPH for any and all cases related to COVID-19, Forchione said.

“This includes assisting with contact tracing, communications to all those affected as well as any follow-up needed by SCPH,” she said.

Akron Children’s Hospital is a partner with the school district.

“As a partner, ACH is always there for us as we navigate the health and wellness of our students at SMF,” Forchione said. “We consult with them regularly and confer with their staff to help us remain healthy and safe.”

 The Summit County Health Department is guiding all the county school districts.

“We follow the recommendations of SCPH as we navigate through this pandemic as a district and as a community,” Forchione said. “Currently, we follow the guidelines and precedents set by SCPH and would follow their guidance if we were ever to need to shut down a classroom or building. Currently, there is no set number or threshold other than by SCPH.”

On the dashboard, Akron Children’s Hospital provides a chart for when to stay home and includes a temperature of 100 F or higher; vomiting within the last 24 hours, diarrhea in the last 24 hours, body rash with oozing, drainage or fever, head lice, eye infection, and anyone who has been to the emergency room or stayed at the hospital.

Someone is ready to go back to school when they have been free from a fever without medication for 24 hours, free from vomiting for 24 hours, free from diarrhea for 24 hours, free from rash or fever and evaluated by doctor if needed, treated for lice, free from eye drainage or evaluated by doctor, and released by a medical provider to return to school.

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