Aurora Police Reports

Eileen McClory
Kent Weeklies
Police vehicle lights

Crime reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive. 

  • Aurora Police went to a Shawnee Trail business on Sept. 9 for a report of an Aurora man who had been hanging out at the business for several hours. The man was speaking fast and sweating. The man said he was not using drugs and did not want a ride from the police but would let his parents come get him. His parents were notified and picked him up to take him home. 
  • Aurora police responded with the fire department on Sept. 9 to Treetop Court for a report of a man who had overdosed in his driveway. The man was revived with Narcan and taken to Cleveland Clinic Twinsburg. All drug paraphernalia was brought back to the station and tagged into evidence. 
  • Dispatch received several calls on Sept. 9 about a semi-truck going slowly on North Chillicothe Road. The police made contact with the Bedford man driving the truck. He did not appear to be under the influence, but did appear to be disoriented. He was taken to the hospital and the company picked up the semi-truck.  
  • Police went to an East Mennonite Road park on Sept. 11 for a report of an Aurora man needing assistance. The man said he wanted to look at the lake. The two women with him said they were concerned he would attempt to drive after he had been drinking. The man agreed to leave the park with one of the women, his vehicle was secured and the three left for the evening. 
  • A Windham man was pulled over for going 56-mph in a 25-mph zone. Police smelled marijuana while speaking with him and found a glass jar of marijuana in the car. He was cited for speeding and given a warning for the possession of marijuana. 
  • Police went to Moneta Avenue on Sept. 13 for a report of unknown suspects entering into an unlocked vehicle overnight. The Aurora man told police that papers were scattered but didn’t see anything missing. 
  • Police went to Bruce Avenue on Sept. 12 for a report of a domestic dispute. The Aurora man and a Willoughby Hills woman had been in a verbal argument, which ended with her belongings being thrown out the window. A written statement was completed by the man and the woman was taken to the station to be picked up by a friend.  
  • An Orchard Avenue man reported someone had entered an unlocked car overnight on Sept. 13. Nothing was stolen. A report was completed.