Residents can create works of art in the community

Participants must register before Oct. 5.

Laura Freeman
Kent Weeklies
Stow is sponsoring a window painting program for its residents.

STOW – Celebrate the fall and show off the community’s artistic talent.

The city of Stow and the Stow Arts Commission are sponsoring a window painting event to celebrate fall. The window painting is city-wide and features fall and Halloween seasonal paintings.

Participants need to register before Oct. 5. Submit a drawing and register at STOWOHIO.RECDESK.COM

Basic paint colors and necessary supplies will be provided at City Hall along with the location of the window to paint Oct. 13 -16.

Artists can begin painting their assigned window Oct. 14 and must complete all painting by Oct. 18.

All artists need to clean up their windows and remove the painting between Nov. 1 and Nov. 7.

Local artist Kimmy Henderson will help residents paint windows with a tutorial for a fun family activity.

Stow resident and local artist Kimmy Henderson will provide a tutorial on YouTube on mixing paint to create colors and the process of painting on a window. All ages are encouraged to participate.

“The goal is to give the community something to do to encourage togetherness,” Henderson said. “Give everyone something fun to do.”

A lot of people can be artists, Henderson said. Stow has untapped talent that can be showcased on the city’s windows.

“It will give people a chance to try their abilities and surprise themselves,” Henderson said. “Especially those who don’t think they’re artistic.”

Henderson has two paintings at the entrance of City Hall as examples of what can be accomplished. One is a seasonal display of pumpkins and leaves. The other is butterfly wings.

Local artist Kimmy Henderson painted butterfly wings on the City Hall window for an example of window painting for residents.

“The butterfly wings are part of my bipolar butterfly project,” Henderson said. “I’m installing art work to raise awareness about mental illness.”

More information is at and #bipolarbutterflyproject

“Our local artist Kimmy Henderson is bringing back some nostalgia things," said Mayor John Pribonic. “Anyone in the community can paint windows.”

Residents can social distance and look at the windows, he said. It’s a way for people to get out of the house and do something as a family.

The city will advertise the locations of the painted windows.

Residents can take a school bus safety sign from City Hall and place it in their yard.

In addition, residents can pick up free yard signs from City Hall that promote “Stop For The Bus.” They can take a sign out of the ground at City Hall and take it home for displaying in their own yard.

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