Community art project brings color to Hudson

Door 2 helps organize mural project, plans more interactive activities for the future

April Helms
Kent Weeklies
At the end of July, the community was invited to help work on three murals, using a paint-by-number format.
  • Community helps with mural project
  • Paintings aimed to capture spirit of Hudson
  • Door 2 hopes to organize more arts events
  • Open studio also sponsored by Door 2

HUDSON – An arts group, with the help of the community, has added more color to downtown Hudson.

The community art project, which includes three murals, was done at the end of July during the annual Merchant sidewalk sale, said Debra Sherman, owner of Classic Event Services LLC in Hudson. The murals can be seen at 103 and 112 First Street.

“We thought it would be a great idea to do it during the sidewalk sale,” Sherman said.

Those coming down for the sidewalk sale were invited to paint on four canvases – two of which made one large picture – which were set up “like a paint by number,” Sherman said.

“I think they are fun and different to look at,” Sherman said. “It’s something for the community, by the community.”

The effort was the idea of Door 2, a non-profit that operates an art studio and hosts arts programs as a part of the Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Sherman said.

Adriana Caso of Door 2 said that the group was “trying to think of a way to bring some hope and beauty to the community in the midst of all this uncertainty.” Caso said that there was a great turnout for the activity.

“I think people were glad to come out and do something normal and fun, doing something in the community that had purpose,” Caso said. “It was exciting for us to be able to do that. Any time you can bring any sort of unity in this world, which is so polarized, that is a good thing.”

Caso said that Door 2 wanted to do something that reflected Hudson. The current murals will be up until fall. At that point there are tentative plans to do something in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market.

“It depends on what windows will be done for Halloween,” Caso said. “We also talked with Debra about murals already have that are Christmas-themed.”

There also are ideas for a sidewalk chalk activity and other popup interactive experiences, Caso said. She added that she was “excited to work with other artists in Hudson and support them in any way.”

“We have a million ideas; we just have to wait patiently to do them,” Caso said. “We really think art is a tool that can transcend barriers like race, generation and beliefs. We want to bring hope through beauty, bring good positive thought and discussion, rather than people throwing out opinions. We want to inspire people to positive things. People can feel, with everything happening, they feel there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, and we want to make sure they know there is.”

Open studio offered

Door 2 runs an open studio, which Caso said started with the formation of Door 2 about 15 years ago. The studio was shuttered in March due to the pandemic, but the organization plans to reopen Sept. 24. The studio, originally open to older students, is now open to high school students and adults.

The studio is at The Block Student Center and Center for Care, sponsored by Christ Community Chapel, at 5374 Darrow Road in Hudson.

Door 2 will have studios on Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m. at The Block, “providing everything goes smoothly until then,” Caso said. The studio has high ceilings and a garage door that can be opened for greater air circulations.

“We can do an inside-outside event while the weather is temperate,” Caso said. She added that in general, this was offered for free; occasionally there might be a “small fee, depending on material costs.” Caso is one of the three professional artists on the staff, each which specialize in a different arts field. Caso often teaches painting and sculpting. People can either participate in a lesson or bring a project to work on, and the artists can assist if the participants wish.

For information on Door 2, call 330-472-9464, or find information on Instagram or Facebook at door2art.

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