Flooding limited in Tallmadge to one roadway

Laura Freeman
Kent Weeklies
Howe Road in Tallmadge had to be closed due to flooding Sept. 7.

TALLMADGE – Sunday's downpour caused one road to close but others remained open and flooding was limited.

East Howe Road was closed when ponds on each side of the road overflowed and covered the road near the Freedom Trail, said Mayor David Kline. 

"Ponds on both sides exceeded their limits and connected," Kline said. "It's been about five years since we had to close Howe Road."  

The city had six workers going out all afternoon to check on plugged culverts. 

"It rained hard, but as quick as it came, it went," Kline said. "We did OK compared to some of the other communities."

The city built a new spillway on Northwest Avenue between Baker's Acres and the new nursing home.

"It was flowing perfectly so the road didn't have to close and no driveways in the condos flooded," Kline said. 

MACA Park has a floodgate that is set at a level to retain water in the ponds, he said.

"We haven't had to open the gates in 25 to 30 years," Kline said. "It's set at a level that seems to work. It backed up the water and did what it was supposed to do."

Backyards and the parks had standing water but everyone downstream was protected from flooding, he said. 

"We used to have to close Eastwood Avenue and Washburn Road at the end of MACA ditch but didn’t have to do any of that yesterday," Kline said. "The new culvert under Eastwood Avenue helped drainage."

The city has done a lot of work to prevent infiltration of storm water flowing into the sanitary sewer system, but residents need to keep their storm water separate from their sanitary sewer line, he said.

During heavy rains, storm water directed into the sanitary sewer line overwhelms it and sewage is released.

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